Wednesday, June 12, 2013

China Glaze Sunsational Summer Neons 2013 - Highlight Of My Summer

I almost forgot about Highlight Of My Summer, even though it initially was my first pick out of the collection.
HOMS is a very fresh, minty green colour with a lot of white in the base and some yellow to make it not too minty. Colour wise it is very lovely, I do not have anything similar in my stash. Consistency wise it was a hot mess......when I was little I used to paint my nails with Tipp-Ex (used for blocking out type errors). This white stuff had a terrible consistency, dried instantly, clotted always and HOMS does excactly the same things :-(
It dries so fast it does not level out, so it streaks and it clumps. I added thinner which helped a little but not enough by any means. After 3 fairly thick layers of HOMS it n e e d e d two thick layers of topcoat to smooth things out a bit.
Wear time was horribly bad as well: the next day I had bits and pieces missing from my tips...

I did a very brave (dare I say so myself?) attempt to photograph this monster (the pic with the "sunset button" is the most colour accurate I could achieve):
China Glaze - Highlight Of My Summer
China Glaze - Highlight Of My Summer

China Glaze - Highlight Of My Summer
in diffused light

China Glaze - Highlight Of My Summer
in sunlight

China Glaze - Highlight Of My Summer
using the "sunset button" on my camera
Conclusion: love the colour, hate the polish!!
I'll use it for dotting but never again for a full mani. >sigh<

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