Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chanel Taboo and comparison.

I splurged........
After seeing swatches of Chanel Taboo I could not resist the temptation am I went out and bought the sucker!
It is a lovely and complicated colour: the base is deep purple blue (like OPI - Every Month Is Oktoberfest) and it has the same red shimmer like Chanel Malice has. BUT it has blue and pink shimmer TOO! The red and the blue shimmer are ultra micro the pink is a bit bigger and seems to float like tiny stars in the polish.

Chanel Taboo
Chanel - Taboo

Chanel Taboo
In diffused light

Chanel Taboo
In sunlight

Complicated as the polish is, it needed a comparison badly; I compared it with OPI-Every Month Is Oktoberfest OPI-Black Cherry Chutney, Chanel-Malice, OPI-Germanicure and OPI-Royal Rajah Ruby.
Chanel Taboo

Chanel Taboo
OPI - Every Month Is Oktoberfest, OPI - Black Cherry Chutney, Chanel - Taboo

Chanel Taboo
Chanel - Malice, OPI - Royal Rajah Ruby, OPI - German.icure
The base colour of Chanel is the same as the base of OPI EMIO even the red shimmer is comparable only the OPI lacks the pink shimmer which makes the Chanel stand out and the blue shimmer is a golden/copper glow here. The base of OPI BCC is more purplish and the shimmer here is less red (more purple), no pink shimmer and just a hint of blue shimmer (you have to look very hard for this).
As you can see in the pics Chanel Malice has a burgundy base and pinkish red shimmer (so no blue and pink), OPI-GI has more of a braun toned watery base with a coppery red shimmer. OPI-RRR has a deep braun red base with burgundy red shimmer.

Conclusion: they are all alike and definately family but there are no dupes here; Chanel Taboo is the most versatile and complex of the bunch...a justifiable buy I would say :-)

p.s. wear time was not perfect: after 2 days the tip wear was too much for me to bear and I had to remove Taboo from my tips.....

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