Thursday, January 10, 2013

OPI - Mad as a hatter and a FAKE!

Yesterday I received in the mail a old OPI polish: Mad As A Hatter. I was on the lookout for this polish some time now...and now I found it....and it looks to be genuine!
One year ago I thought I found the holy grail as well (on Ebay with an English seller). Yet when I received the polish (after 2 months of waiting: I guess theystill had to mix it together) it looked odd: there seemed to be some bleeding with the glitter and the colours were strange as well.  The glitter was predominantly green and silver and over time, due to the bleeding, it got worse.

Have a look at the pictures and spot the differences:

You can see slight differences on the bottles as well: the lettering on the frontside is different and the stamp is a bit higher on the fake bottle.

OPI mad as a hatter and fake
Which is the fake glitter?
The ridge at the top of the fake bottle feels a bit more rounded then the original.

OPI mad as a hatter and fake
Left is OPI mad as a hatter
On the backside there is one symbol missing. And the row of labels on the left one is off centre.

OPI mad as a hatter and fake
On the right is the fake
The bottom sticker is different as well and takes the "peel here" sign very seriously.... and it you can not split it only at the edges (it's 2 stickers glued together).

opi mad as a hatter

The fake brush is longer and a little less wide. Both stems have O.P.I. stemped on one side.

opi mad as a hatter

The fake cap is smooth on the inside while the original one has these gear shaped thingies.

opi mad as a hatter

 The bottom of the fake has more pronounced ridges then the original.

OPI mad as a hatter

OPI mad as a hatter fake
fake as hell :((
They both have two steel balls. Only the original has a number printed on the side (the fake has none).
The letter "L" of "mL" is upper case and "Fl" is lower case and the font of the number "5" is very special and identical in both bottles.

Soooo conclusion: be very careful when buying on Ebay, especially with htf polishes like OPI mad as a hatter!!!

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