Thursday, September 25, 2014

OPI - Red Hot Rio (Brazil Collection, summer 2014)

I love myself a good and juicy R E D. And OPI provides them in abundance this year... Let's recap, it started with: 

Gwen Stefani for OPI: Over and Over A-Gwen
Brazil Collection: Red Hot Rio
Coca Cola Collection: Coca Cola Red
Ford Mustang Collection: Race Red
Fashion Plate MLB Collection: Short-Stop! and Love Athletes in Cleats.
Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection: Cinnamon Sweet, Fashion a Bow, Just Beclaus, What's Your Point-settia? and Red Fingers and Mistletoes.

Well that is 11 fairly straight forward reds in one single year (and I didn't count the almost reds, corals and neons...nor the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection 2013 that was consistent of just reds and golds). As much as I love OPI I think this is an overkill and a huge lack in creativity and imagination! Man they don't even try to make all these reds special or different it's only creme or crelly and (when in luck) a sniff of glass fleck of glimmer.

OK, that said: I bought this Red Hot Rio before the big red polish wave was on it's top....and I must admit I like the colour and the crelly formula of this one. It flows like butter on the nails, self levels like crazy and the red is a beautiful and quite chic blood red.

As is the case with most is impossible to get the colour right in the pictures.... It sort of is OK in these pics, but it is a bit deeper in real life. This was two layers, but next time I think I will do three to make it look even more squishy and deep!

Love this one, but OPI should stop the red overload: I have more then enough reds!!

OPI Red Hot Rio

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