Friday, October 25, 2013

Orly - Ancient Jade (Precious Collection, Spring 2011)

I am very particular with greens, I do not like harsh grass green and I do not like a green with too much blue in it (even mint green is tricky with me).... Orly's Ancient Jade has nothing of the above! It is soft but not pastel and it is neither too blue nor too harsh!

The formula was perfect; nice and creamy and it covers in two coats.

Orly Ancient Jade
Orly - Ancient Jade

Orly Ancient Jade
In diffused light.

Orly Ancient Jade

Orly Ancient Jade
"artistic impression" >hihi<
It is an older polish (spring 2011) but I recently found it on the internet...and I could not resist!
Fancy Fushia and Sapphire Silk are two other polishes from this collection I most certainly am going to wear and show you soon.