Sunday, September 29, 2013

OPI - Embarca-dare Ya! teamed up with China Glaze Fang Tastic (Monsters Ball Halloween Collection)

Something went completly wrong here....I painted my nails with the lovely deep magenta with gold/silver shimmer from the OPI San Francisco Collection Ambarca-dare Ya! Next I slapped some NYX GCS on waited a few hours and went to bed. Next morning I had three BIG dents in my pointerfinger >buh<
My solution: China Glaze Fang Tastic from the most recent Monsters Ball Halloween Collection. Fang Tastic is a red, green and larger blue glitters in a clear base.

The result:

OPI Embarca-dare Ya
OPI - Embarca-dare Ya! & China Glaze - Fang Tastic

OPI Embarca-dare Ya
In diffused light.

OPI Embarca-dare Ya

OPI Embarca-dare Ya
In sun light.
I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to enjoy Embarca-dare Ya on it's own BUT I really like the combination with Fang is festive, warm and fun!.
For the OPI I used two easy layers and the China Glaze went on with just one. The glitter pay off was great, with three coats you can wear this on it's own I guess. Perhaps it is me not living in the US or something but I do not get this glitter being in a Halloween collection? Shouldn't there be some pumpkin orange in there or candycorn yellow, spider black, slimy green, or blood red (oh there is)......?
Well, Halloween issues aside, I like Fang Tastic and I like Embarca-dare Ya and the combination is lovely as well!

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